The Lighthouse

This song has two different meanings… first of all, it’s a part of the story for this Album (The Road), and also, in it’s essence, it’s a story. But secondarily, it’s an allegory. Perhaps sometime I can explain the allegory… but it also has some spiritual symbolism mixed in. I don’t have time at the moment, but hopefully (haha that probably means never) I’ll get around to posting about it sometime. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚




On the cliffs overlooking the grey green blue sea,
There’s an old worn down lighthouse, my sanctuary:
Where the gulls vent their anguish with no one to hear
As the waves crash with thunder o’er the crown of sailor’s fears.

I walked along the cliffline one bleak afternoon
While the sun started settinb back the sea so blue.
On the beach far below me, where the breakers let loose hell,
Walked a young maid serenly as the water rose and fell.

She stopped me in my tracks I stood and I stared,
She walked in her bare feet, her golden brown hair
Was shining so brightly in the setting sun,
Faint I heard her laugh as she broke to a run.

Beautiful dove,
My light O my love,
Soft song that comforts me.
Sweet angel divine,
I’ll live and I’ll die
For you, just tell me why?

Oh we met on the cliffline, I don’t recall how,
It’s so far in my memory, seems forever now…
All the days we left our footprints to be washed out by the tides
And the nights inside the lighthouse where the sun would never die.

I started to heal
With something to feel,
Somehow it all felt real.
Oh I know I could lie…
But Oh Angel why?
Can you see these tears I cry?

The moonbeams tonight
Burn me with their light
With the memories they bring to mind.
Every time in the town
That I see her white gown,
Brings to mind all the footprints we made.
Oh I lost whole heart
To you from the start
And I never even knew that I did.
Oh you held in your hands
All my life all I am
And now I’m left fighting for breath.

I don’t deserve love
From you my sweet dove,
I know that fact too well.
But why did you leave
When I’m so in need
Of something… anything…?
I know I can lie,
But inside I’ll cry:
Sweet, sweet angel, why? why?

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2 thoughts on “The Lighthouse

  1. Caleb, I’ve been going back and listening to some of your songs. I think this is probably the best of them as far as a good combination of music, lyrics, and harmony.

    Just curious, are you still writing and recording songs?


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