The End of All Ends

I recently had an extremely important revelation. The purpose of life. The end of all ends.

Yes, you’re probably nodding your head and saying to yourself, ‘he’s going to tell me that the point of life is to glorify God. I know that already.’

You would be surprised at how much you know that you don’t understand. But that’s beside the point, because that was actually not what I was going to say. While sitting in my little workspace talbe in our garage and meditating, the Holy Ghost kind of threw something into my mind. Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote in my notebook; I think it rather sums things up:

The life of the Christian is the search for the revelation of God. We must first come to touch God. After we have touched him, we must get a firm enough grasp on his hand to hold the connection. From there, we work our way until we are in eternal embrace with God, just as he meant it to be from the beginning.

God IS the end of all ends. Every means, every single thing we do should have this end in common: God.

This thought came out of a different though. I was pondering what exactly is my purpose in studying the Bible? Why do I spend so much time reading, not just the Bible, but biography, theology, and practical Christianity as well?

I think that I have fallen somewhat into the trap of knowledge for knowledge’s sake. And that is a very dangerous trap to fall into, because it can be extraordinarily hard to get out of. One of the most toxic byproducts of knowledge for knowledge’s sake is pride and arrogance. It gives one a sense of: "*I* know so much. *I’m* better than everyone else because I know more." It is, on the whole, very detrimental.

So the purpose of all study, of all action, of everything we do should be united by a single purpose: God. That we may come to be as our Lord and Master, Jesus, and that we may have a fuller revelation of the infinite character of God.

The beauty of this end is that it is not exhaustive. There is no point where you can say, "I now know all there is to know about God." or perhaps, "I know half of what there is to know about God." The reason one cannot say this is because there is an infinite amount of character of God. You could have revelation after revelation of God, and never would the source be exhausted.

So again I say: the end of all ends is God. If you do something, you do it for one of three reasons:

1) To grow closer to God and have a fuller revelation of him
2) To become as Jesus
3) To encourage, admonish, or otherwise accomplish 1 and 2 for the brethren


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