Concerning appearances in general…

You may be wondering why I named my blog “Hostile Legacy”. That is a good question, to which there is a very logical answer: It sounds cool. Why would you name your blog… “My Blog,” “John Doe’s blog,” “Your stupid,” or maybe from lack of creativity: “I don’t know what to call my blog.” I ask you, why would you name your blog that, when you could have an absolutely cool sounding name like “Hostile Legacy”?

I have come to the realization that to people, sound and look, flash and bang, is everything. They don’t care about the histroy behind something. For example, if you are writing a book, and you painstakingly make each of the names meanings relative to the characters’ personality, you create detailed scaled maps of every inch of the fantasy world, write entire volumes of the history behind the world, and you do this all so that you can write a good book, frankly, people don’t care. If you just make up random historical refrences, cool sounding names, and make up the world as you go along, your audience will not know the difference. Put rather bluntly, they don’t care. As long as it sounds cool, and it’s entertaining, they don’t care. Personally, I DO care. It makes it even better and more entertaining if I know thought has gone into somthing. But, then again, I’m not your ‘average’ person.

To blog, or not to blog

To blog, or not to blog, that is the question. And what an interesting question it is. I would say the average teen/pre-teen owns a blog. I am not exactly sure the reason of this, because they don’t really seem to do much with them. Mostly, in my opinion, blogging is a waste of time, and I am certainly not one for wasting time. Maybe I shouldn’t have created this blog, maybe I will spend countless hours wasting away my precious time. Then again, maybe I won’t. Perhaps I will make a couple posts, and then forget about the entire thing. This scenario seems the most probable to me, but you never know. I will not spend my time writing worthless little paragraphs about what I did that day, disgusting anyone who as any sense of grammar, spelling, punctuation, at all. Rather, I think I shall post my poems, chapters of stories, and other random pieces of fiction, as well as disscusions I have with myself and any other people about anything serious or interesting. There may also be an occasional post bursting with my anger, frustration, and helplessnes at something (for example the state of the english language, or maybe the intellect of the average american youth). Like I said before, maybe I’ll just forget about the whole thing or get bored of it. I guess I will just have to see.