Dearest Sister

October 18, 2015

I write to you about hope. At times, as you have said, it is easy to become cynical and judgmental of people. Truly there is much darkness in the world, and sometimes the suffering and pain, the anger and injustice that surrounds us is overwhelming. But here, when all we can see is the darkness, [...]

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A Few Quotes From Lilith

September 8, 2015

In the past few months I have read two of George MacDonald’s books: At the Back of the North Wind and Lilith. Both have profoundly impacted my soul. If Phantastes was the most beautiful book I have read, At the Back of the North Wind was the most innocent, and Lilith the most profound. As [...]

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Indecisive Skies and Here

September 1, 2015

Two poems I wrote a month or two back. Indecisive Skies Have you ever seen the sky When it can’t decide whether to be orange or pink? Sometimes I wonder If that’s just a reflection Of my own indecisiveness. Here Here I am. Where, exactly; I don’t know. I wonder, sometimes, How much where really [...]

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Leaving Home

June 16, 2015

A sadness swells up in my heart as I lie here on the little balcony overlooking the kitchen in our house on 617 Russell Ave Suffield CT, the last night we can call this ‘our’ house. There are so many memories in this building and on these grounds. I stood over the embers of our [...]

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Leaving Malta

May 22, 2015

Another journal entry from Malta As I sit here on the water looking out at Valletta on my last day in Malta, many half thoughts and loose ends of ideas and unfinished emotions float through my conciousness. I wonder how conscious I actually am, though. It’s strange as I think about Mary talking about how [...]

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Reflections from Malta

May 22, 2015

A journal entry from Malta Today, Sunday, I spent the day sitting on a sun bathed balcony. Last night I spent many hours with Emmi and Annina, sitting around the table drinking La Towere Trebbiano and Shiraz, talking about life. We talked about language, English and Finnish, about our families, where we come from, music. Emmi [...]

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Money – Introduction

April 26, 2014

I have a good job, I have no debt, I’m single and have low living expenses — I’m fabulously materially fortunate. In upper middle class American Christianity, they might call me ‘blessed.’ I dropped this word in a conversation with a friend a few days ago, how I feel so ‘blessed,’ about my circumstances, and [...]

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On Life and Metaphors

October 3, 2013

I’ve been thinking a lot about metaphors lately. The amount of metaphors we use to make sense of the world around us is astounding when you sit down and think about it, and their pervasiveness makes it easy to stop seeing that we use them so heavily. A metaphor is a box that we put [...]

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Eulogy To A Sunrise With A Friend

August 29, 2013

So, the other day I was browsing through my bookshelf looking for an empty binder, when I happened across a dusty old black hardback notebook. Immediately, I recognized it as the book in which I wrote some essays and short stories during my stay in Idaho for Hill Abbey almost 3 years ago now. I [...]

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Fate and Free Will

July 6, 2013

I just read Boethius’ classic, the Consolation of Philosophy. And, truth be told, I found it very consoling. Boethius named it aptly (if he did in fact name it, I don’t know, but whoever named it named it aptly). It made me do a lot of thinking. The first few chapters of Book one had [...]

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