My Life Story

Well, pretty much, my life story can be summed up in this one word: God.

But that doesn’t mean much to people, so I’ll expound a bit.

I was born in Souther California. I have the most wonderful parents you could ever ask for. I have been homeschooled my entire life. In regards to Christianity, Throughout my life at any given moment, if you asked me if I was a Christian, the answer would have been a very definate ‘yes.’

Our family went to church every Sunday, and I grew up as a little kid in Californiat saturated with the Bible. I was always ‘the perfect little homeschool kid who obey’s his parents and is nice and knows the Bible stories’. I was happy.

Around age 7, my family moved to Conneticutt, which was a little hard for me, because my life and family lived in California, and our family knew no one in Connecticutt. Of course, anyone who knows me at all personally will know that I am, and never have been a social person at all. They will also know that I rather enjoy being alone and keeping to myself and such stuff. Things have changed somewhat in recent years, but that comes later. So it was hard leaving friends, but not as much as it would be normally, because I didn’t have to adjust to a new school, with new friends and such (being homeschooled).

We started going to Wintonbury Baptist Church pretty much when we got here. I remember going to a few churches a couple of Sundays to check things out, but we ended up after our first month or so at Wintonbury.

Throughout my life, I had always thought I was a strong Christian. And when I looked around and compared myself to everyone else, it seemed that way. Boy was I wrong.

As I grew up, little things started to kind of grow in my life. And I’ll tell you, it’s the little things that kill you. Things just got really complicated. Especially media. I always chafed against my parents, quite horribly at times, over what I was alowed to do, and what I wasn’t. I used to get pretty mad, I’ll tell you that. My parents did the right thing, though, and fought me, and even then I was able to see that they were doing it for my own good. But I wanted the right to destroy myself. I really am unique, at least I think of myself as  unique, in this way.

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