Leaving Malta

Another journal entry from Malta

As I sit here on the water looking out at Valletta on my last day in Malta, many half thoughts and loose ends of ideas and unfinished emotions float through my conciousness. I wonder how conscious I actually am, though. It’s strange as I think about Mary talking about how she doesn’t have enough time to think and process. I always think that I ought to spend more time thinking, but when I actually sit down and start thinking, I don’t really seem to think. I just sit. Without much going through my mind. Vague shallow thoughts sparked by my surroundings wander aimlessly around in my head. What do I really have to process? Why would I dwell on the past or dream of the future? It seems the only thing that concerns me is the next few decisions I will need to make in the near future — only those absolutely necessary decisions. It’s almost like I’ve forgotten how to reflect on the past.

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