In Collaboration I

A few months ago I wrote this poem with Chloe Richardson. She wrote the first line, I the second, she the third, etc. until the end. Turned out quite lovely I think.

In Collaboration I

Luna’s dipping through the clouds, white behind the gray and rose.
Fall is treading softly on the winds of summer’s close.
Demeter pulls invisibly at leaves, at fruit, to bring the year to birth or death
And breathes among the branches of the trees her chilly breath.

She is restless, ceaseless, with maddening sweetness whisking the world towards dust,
Her heavy sighs and clear, crisp form are full of wanderlust.
The land is full of movement, lightened of fruit, confessed of grain,
Autumn’s measured, hurried stride whisks leaves to an ancient refrain.

Ready Taurids and Leonids flee cold heaven, flaming, crumbling,
Like the swallows and geese fleeing the snow, soon to be swirling, tumbling.
And though all things are leaving, still are they coming home,
For there, in the end, will all be drawn, even them that roam.

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