Fall is Coming

It’s the perfect temperature outside where there’s a slight breeze on my skin that’s so cool it’s almost cold, but not quite. The tips of some of the trees are just starting to orange red, and I can just about taste the dry earthiness in the air and feel the ever so slight edge on the gentle breeze as I sit on the second floor balcony of my family’s house in Hartford, all fortelling Autumn stealing upon us. I’m starting to lose track of time now-a-days, but for the past one or two falls I’ve been in Europe. I’ve sorely missed New England fall — I am convinced there can be no part of the world where the fall season is so beautiful.

The breeze is getting a little more pronounced now. I wonder why I love this fall season so much. It’s not just the colors of the trees; not just the beauty that sweeps through the forests like a fire, but something deeper. As I sit here and sip my Taiwanese oolong tea I’m trying very hard to locate the center of this feeling that is washing over me with the almost but not quite cold breeze. Perhaps this season resonates with me so much because it is very much symbolic of joy in the face of death. Many things are preparing for death in this season, but as they die they do so with such blazing beauty. There is no fear or shrinking back from the darkness of winter coming, but instead celebration and joy.

Somehow death makes joy more meaningful, more poignant. I do not know whether darkness is required from a theoretical standpoint to make joy more beautiful, and I think I dislike that idea from both a practical and theoretical standpoint. However, that said, it remains my experience that somehow, someway, suffering can bring about great depth of spirit and peace. It can also do the opposite, but all the best things in life are a two-edged sword. I have suffered, you have suffered, each of us in our own unique ways, but let us find joy in the face of death. I pray that darkness does not rust me but make me brighter.

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2 thoughts on “Fall is Coming

  1. Well put, Caleb! You make me want to come visit you in the fall, and experience what you speak of.
    I’ve always loved the autumn best, and have often wondered why. At one point in my life, I identified with old worn dying things, and how they had been through a whole year, had seen so much, and now were giving their last before they went to sleep. But now I see it more as you do, however, I still think there is an element of being aged and wise to the fall. The spring is bright and glorious too, and I’ve heard the cherry blossoms in New England are a wonder to behold, but they are untried, giddy with youth, and are quickly spent. But those brave fiery leaves, they are all the brighter for past hardships, and they often stay for weeks, or until a hard frost sends them spinning to the ground. Even then, they still shine until cold and rain finally fade them.
    Keep writing, brother! It does my heart good. Darkness will only make you brighter as long as you earnestly seek the light.

  2. Fall is best.

    In this world, true life only ever comes through death.

    “You’re much too young now, so I write these words down: Darkness exists to make light truly count.”
    – Sleeping at last. Uneven Odds

    I have not believed these words are true in an absolute sense. They are descriptive of the state we are in… fallen, not loving what is true and truly good. I know of no a priori reason that beauty/light cannot be enjoyed in itself, for itself, without contrast to evil/darkness.
    … and yet I wonder
    tradition (and the scriptures) tell us that we (and this entire world) have been created for God’s glory. The best sense I can make of that word “glory” is that it is the very beingness of the Godhead… it is the reality of who he is… of his mercy, of his awesome justice, of his creative majesty.
    So at the very least, sown into the fabric of this fallen creation is the beauty of light shining in darkness…
    “God who made light shine out of darkness, has made his light shine in our hearts to give us the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.” -2 cor 4:6

    Caleb… why are you not here with me?

    *but once only have my travels taken me to Boston (or New England) in the fall.

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