Starry Nights

The cool California evening was lit by stars, and slowly as I walked down the dark dirt road my eyes adjusted to the dark. I was looking for a good place to step off the road and get a good view of the stars, and I found myself in a brushy field after climbing a […]

Poem – Second Hand Truths

One day back in February while I was in Moscow (Idaho) after my hermitage, my dear friend George Callihan and I were sitting out front of a coffee shop smoking and drinking coffee. The day was quite bleary, and rain would drizzle and then threaten a downpour every now and then. We decided it was […]

Poem — Walking Stick

One last poem from the mountains. I stop pushing my way, For a moment, Through the near waist-deep snow And gaze around at the trees. My eyes come to rest On the stick in my hand: My walking stick. There are a number of strange And oddly beautiful Carvings across my walking stick, Chewed  out […]

Blog Redesign and Reflections on its History

This blog has long been overdue for a facelift (well, more like a severe facial reconstruction surgery). I’ve updated the theme and fixed things up a bit today. I’m sure no one besides me cares, but it was too painful for me to look at any longer, so I sat down today and polished things […]

Poem – With Everything

This was a response to the last poem. I decided I ought to try my hand at answering my question. I stand solitary, yet not alone, on the ridge. A great lake of deeply green pines Covered in last nights pure white snow, sweeps below me, Surrounded by ponderous, grave, purple mountains, Drenched in the […]

Poem — Untitled

Another poem from my retreat into the mountains. You’ll see a progression in these poems as I get further into the quiet. I’ve sung so often Of love and heartbreak, loneliness and sorrow, Pain  and grief, And the ecstasy of melancholy. In fact, I think that’s All I’ve ever sung of, For so many years. […]

Poem – Beauty

I figured I’d share the poems I wrote during my retreat into the mountains. I’ll post them in order. Beauty. It surrounds me. I don’t want to escape it, But sometimes, Too often, I think, I forget. The numbing waves of worry and calculation Cover my soul, And I forget the sharp, Blissful ache of […]

Into the Woods

Tonight I am heading into the woods for 3 weeks with no electricity or running water in the mountains of Idaho. I want to outline a few of my hopes and expectations going in, so that when I post my journal entries afterwards I can compare to see if things went as I hoped and […]

Yearning for Beauty

I was flipping through my journal this evening when I came across a piece of poetic prose (or perhaps its prosaic poetry, you decide) that struck me as quite apt. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and studying of the Enneagram lately and it’s interesting looking back over much of my old writing and […]