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I’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress of my album on this page. Check back for updates every couple of weeks or so.

February 24: Single is out! Work continues on the album.

January 13, 2008:

I am working on it. Yes, I really am. I got an SM58 for my birthday, as well as a mixer, so I can hook up the mic to the computer. Much, much better sound quality. I tried a remix of ‘Alone’ with the new mic, so I might post that to give you an idea of the better quality.

I am working hard (well… maybe not hard, but at least I’m working) on the songs, and I’ve recorded 6 so far. Two are in progress. They’re pretty sweet. Well, at least I think they are. Piano intro, four piano/singing songs, and one other with a variety of instruments. And my voice has definately gotten better. Still not the greatest, but at least bearable.

So I should be making the April deadline. And I’m thinking about putting out a single sometime on the blog… just for the heck of it… but I can’t figure out when to do that.

October 11, 2007: I finished the intro (I’m going to do a piano intro and a piano outro with no lyrics). I also made a myspace page a couple days ago…. You know how all bands have myspace pages. It’s Click here to go to the page. There’s really no need to, cause it has nothing new. Just a cool idea. I’ve started work on another song, but it’s rather… well… I’m not liking how it’s turning out. I hope I’ll be able to meet my deadline… heh.

October 7, 2007: So. I have the first song done, and I have a rough draft recorded. It’s called ‘Unamed Soldiers’ and I think the bridge turned out pretty cool. But a catastrophe has happened… the macbook pro which I use to record has burned out it’s AC adaptor, and the new one won’t be arriving for like 4 weeks. So basically, my composing abilites will be greatly hindered for about 4 weeks… very sad news to me, cause I want to get done as soon as I can. I also decided to call the album ‘Requiem To Night’ and I have a sweet picture for the cover art. The band name is going to be ‘Noble Twilight’. I know, it’s a bit weak, but what can I say. It’s original.

Album Cover Art:

Album Cover Requiem To Night Black2.jpg


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  1. Is there an official date for the album’s release? There only six days left until the start of April…

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